As we said in a previous article, the radiation factor of smartphones should not be...
2019-02-11 11:21:38
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7 tips to reduce smartphone radiation damage

Tricks for everyday use

As we said in a previous article, the radiation factor of smartphones should not be underestimated. Daily and prolonged use increases health risks and therefore it seems necessary to take precautionary measures at least to reduce them. Here are 7 tips for using your smartphone in the safest way without giving up the routine of daily use.

Keep your smartphone at the right distance from your body
The amount of radiation absorbed by our body decreases exponentially if we keep the device at a reasonable distance. Avoid putting it in your pocket, rather than in your bag or coat, as even a single centimeter can make the difference.

Reduce the duration of phone calls
Since radiation reaches their peak during voice calls, remember to not spend hours on the phone, especially keeping it near the head.

Obtain earphones
Circumaural headphones or in-ear headphones guarantee a substantial reduction in the radioactivity transmitted by the smartphone. Even better if shielded or bluetooth, these accessories are practically mandatory for those who use the phone daily for work.

Using the speakerphone
In the absence of earphones, the loudspeaker on call is an excellent alternative. The disadvantage lies in the fact that anyone can listen to our conversations but at least we do not expose ourselves excessively to radiation by keeping the smartphone away from the body.

Turn off your smartphone when you're not using it
A good habit you're missing out on is turning off your smartphone at night or when you're not using it. Airplane mode offers the same results, as can turning off Wi-Fi.

Avoid use in areas where the signal is poor
The phones emit different amounts of radiation depending on their distance from the receiving antennas. The greater the distance, the greater the radiation, given the need to amplify the signal. Experts calculate that the health risks triple if you use your smartphone in poor reception conditions.

Prefer internet messages and communications
The less phone signal is used, the less radiation is absorbed. So prefer the Wi-Fi connection and applications like Telegram and WhatsApp, along with a use with correct posture (ie avoiding sticking to the screen).