As every year, Samsung has released two different versions of its top of the range...
2019-03-18 10:02:50
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Samsung Galaxy S10: better with Snapdragon

Exynos still second choice

As every year, Samsung has released two different versions of its top of the range distinguishing between the American and European markets. In the USA, in fact, the models that mount the Snapdragon 855 processor have come out, the spearhead of the Qualcomm manufacturer, while here with us the variants with Exynos 9.

Several benchmarks have shown how the Galaxy equipped with Snapdragon overtakes clearly the Exynos colleagues both in terms of performance and battery consumption. The results on Geekbench speak of a Galaxy S10 with Exynos that scored 3248 points in single core and 7999 in multi-core. The Snapdragon version has reached 3413 and 10256 respectively.

With regard to battery life, the Exynos models stop at 3-4 hours of screen, while those with Snapdragon even arrive at 7-8 hours . The data are not universal but different users and specialized sites have already confirmed what was recorded from the date of release.

The situation, therefore, seems to be quite clear, as well as predictable. The benchmark results confirm an annual trend that sees Samsung release slightly better versions of its devices in America, forcing several users to turn to import purchases.

If you want to buy a Galaxy S10, therefore, we recommend that you prefer the Snapdragon versions. Among other things, on different sites it is possible to find them at a lower price than the Exynos counterpart.