We know that mobile data does not come cheap, in fact, often, they are too expensive for our...
2019-03-26 10:23:02
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How much is the internet on mobile around the world?

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We know that mobile data does not come cheap, in fact, often, they are too expensive for our standards. Until some time ago it was possible to spend even more than 12 € for a couple of GB in 3 / 4G. Fortunately, with the advent of virtual operators, the rates have fallen sharply, becoming more or less affordable for everyone.

The situation in Italy is therefore quite laughing for the portfolios, and this ranking by cable.co.uk, which compares mobile internet prices around the world, proves it. 15 countries analyzed. The least expensive is India, where recently there has been a real boom in the sector. 1 GB costs around 26 cents (in dollars), practically nothing compared to the other contenders.

Follows Russia with 91 cents, and in third place we find curiously Italy with $ 1.73 in average price per gigabyte . If it is therefore true that we are not really at the top in terms of speed of mobile connections, at least in the price we manage to place ourselves on the podium.

In Europe we travel on average 3-4 dollars, excluding Germany and the United Kingdom, which market themselves by ranking at 7. Thresholds that are even higher are found in Asia and America, where a GB comes to cost up to 10 dollars. South Korea and Switzerland overlap the 15 and the 20 dollar limits, in the light of high wages in relation to the cost of living.

In Zimbabwe, instead, 1 GB costs about $ 75. This obviously does not mean that the quality of the infrastructure is excellent but simply that the free market and the economic availability of the inhabitants dictate the prices of the operators. I wonder if 5G will see a revolution in this regard. Certainly the prices, at least initially, will be quite high.