# Repair #Garantita #Sosphonecatania #schedamadre #Iphone Recognizing Apple products as an...
2019-03-28 12:10:06
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Only for your Irapuia motherboard in Catania

Here's the reason

# Repair #Garantita #Sosphonecatania #schedamadre #Iphone
Recognizing Apple products as an excellence, we find however, as a center specialized in smartphone repairs, a not inconsiderable percentage of defects on motherboard especially in certain models:

It is easy to come across, for example, on a "dumb" effect especially on the 'Iphone 7 . Neither the microphone (the others don't hear the conversation) and the earphone speaker (the caller doesn't hear) anymore. If this happens, the problem is not solved by replacing the microphone or even replacing the speaker. But must intervene on the motherboard, replacing a chip that handles both.

Instead it is a classic, on the plus versions (6+ in primis) that no longer works the touch even if the glass is intact. Also in this case you make a hole in the water if you want to change the touch (which in the Iphone is included in the display), because the problem persists the same. Here too we at SOSPHONE CATANIA solve the problem by replacing the chip that manages the touch.

The Iphone 6 and 6s instead have the "characteristic" that the backlight chip fails. The solution is also there for these models of course.

We reiterate the concept that iPhones are products of excellence, only that in certain cases, models may present "characteristic defects" and that these certain cases, we certainly solve them.