Several official sources report that Instagram would be testing to hide the number of likes and...
2019-05-02 10:40:55
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Instagram will hide likes and views on photos and videos

A risk in the opposite direction

Several official sources report that Instagram would be testing to hide the number of likes and views on posted content. Apparently only the authors of posts containing photos or videos will be able to see such statistics. The reason is simple. According to the developers, this change would reduce the burden of pressure and competition anxiety on users, who would therefore concentrate more on the objective quality of the content than on their popularity.

On Instagram we hope that making statistics private has a positive impact on the philosophy of chi posta. The goal is to remove the focus from vanity and return to connecting people with the same interests. In fact, in recent years the social network has undergone a process of significant content degradation. If once it was focused on sharing artistic images, meaningful and able to leave something in the viewer, today it has become a showcase of human beings and a nurturer of ego.

The company's CEO, Adam Mosseri, perceived all this and has no intention of sitting on his hands. A series of changes to the experience would be involved, including a redesign of the profile page that would overshadow the number of followers. Instagram, according to Mosseri, must not be a competition or an environment full of negativity.

Twitter is also taking similar action, removing by default the like and retweet count. It seems an intelligent change, which could certainly lead to an improvement in the quality of life on the site, which today gives too much relevance to the popularity of the tweet to the detriment of common sense. The same applies to Facebook, working on a redesign of its platform to focus on news, groups and private messages.

What social networks can finally evolve, and with them your audience? At least, rather than evolving, going back to the origins and their starting purpose, or connecting people with similar interests.