If you work in the industry or simply know yourself about computer science, you will know that...
2019-06-25 12:58:36
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Google Scandal: search results manipulated for political purposes

Direct testimonials from employees

If you work in the industry or simply know yourself about computer science, you will know that for several years now, Google has begun to behave in a somewhat suspicious manner . The political intentions of the American company were revealed during the last presidential elections in the USA, showing a striking propensity of Big G towards the democratic alignment.

The survey site Project Veritas has gone further and found that Google would be manipulating information and search results to avoid the re-election of Donald Trump . Equipped with hidden cameras, journalists recorded highly incriminating conversations with Google employees and collected several testimonials from certified insiders.

Google executive Jen Gennai says her company is doing everything to prevent the next "Trump situation" , and means exactly what it looks like, or interfere with the elections. The goal is to make the public change their mind by censoring and removing from the search engine and YouTube all the sources of information belonging to the other political party. A lot of channels and sites have already been hit by the information technology, primarily Alex Jones, Milo Yannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and many others.

Gennai then reveals that Google is still working to train its algorithms and interfere with public perception on certain topics. He then admits that he is not at all worried by legal threats and by the American government, as the company believes it is in a position of advantage due to the backwardness of the regulations in force.

An insider takes care of the dose. "Google is not a reliable source of information" , declares to Project Veritas microphones. "We are an incredibly biased political machine". After the election of Trump Google changed its objective from promoting freedom of expression to silencing opposing voices under the guise of "hatred, misogyny and racism". All this to prevent the electorate from choosing a president like Trump again.

The insider showed official documents relating to the Google algorithms that show a disturbing picture. The main example concerns the word "CEO" in the search results, which under normal conditions would mainly show images of men (based on the factual dominance of male CEOs), while using the logic of Google causes a 50 and 50 between men and women. Whether you think it right or wrong, it is obvious that something is wrong here. The real results are to all intents and purposes distorted.

Another example concerns electoral scandals. When typing "Donald Trump emails" several suggestions appear to incriminating or alleged searches on the American president. If instead you type "Hillary Clinton emails" no suggestion appears despite the scandals that hit the candidate during the last elections. Essentially It is not true what is true but what Google believes is true , according to its political orientation.

The same definition "fake news" would indicate news that somehow damages the democratic camp and left in different countries, as reported in the official documents of the company. The news on Google News follows this logic, being chosen by hand to provide the desired narrative to the readers, in the same way as a newspaper or a private news program.

The insider illustrates the tactics used on Youtube, where Google tries in every way to hide the videos of certain creators, for example Dave Rubin and Tim Pool. In addition to not showing them among the recommended videos, the system suggests to their viewers channels of opposite political orientation, for example CNN or MSNBC. The web environment created by Google is therefore strongly partial, incorrect, contrary to freedom of expression and in the odor of illegality . It almost seems that Orwell's prophecy in 1984 has come true.

The solution? Unfortunately we will have to wait for the government to intervene and the class action to fall, assuming that the American parliament decides to remove immunity from the Silicon Valley giants. In the meantime, we suggest that you stop using Google services starting with your web browser and search engine. The best options are Opera , a browser with ad blocking and integrated VPN, DuckDuckGo , a free engine that does not filter content and respects users' privacy, and Bing or Yahoo News regarding the news.