Numerous American courts have recently reached agreed verdicts regarding Amazon's...
2019-07-04 11:01:55
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Amazon is responsible for defective products from third-party vendors

At least according to American justice

Numerous American courts have recently reached agreed verdicts regarding Amazon's responsibilities on products sold in its store. One in particular has passed to the headlines. This is a lady from Pennsylvania, an eye injury due to the sudden breakage of a faulty dog ​​collar bought on Amazon by a third-party seller.

The court ruled in favor of the lady, who in 2016 had filed a lawsuit against Amazon because the third party seller had just disappeared from the platform. The judges say that Amazon would allow sellers to defraud customers and disappear in case of problems by not offering any kind of after-sales service.

This obviously does not happen with the products sold and shipped by Amazon but we all know how in recent times the store has become a minefield. Anyone can sell on Amazon today, and it's easy to run into frauds especially from the multitude of Chinese vendors flocked to the store.

We invite you to pay attention and, in case of problems, contact Amazon customer service directly. After similar rulings they will inevitably have to adapt and provide suitable tools for protection from fraudulent third party vendors or companies that sell defective products.