rong> Why does your phone battery get worse over time? At the beginning it might give you the...
2019-07-19 12:28:19
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About battery life

It's not always what it looks like

rong> Why does your phone battery get worse over time?
At the beginning it might give you the feeling of a very long duration while you sleep in your bed all night long, but over the months you realize that the battery is 50% and you haven't done it yet midnight snack.

This is partly because your phone usage, the apps you install, the garbage you collect, the customizations you make and the more and more notifications you receive - put a strain on the battery.
But the other thing to consider is that the phone batteries degrade over time. Which means they are increasingly unable to maintain the same amount of energy. While they should last between three and five years, or between 700 and 1000 recharge cycles, a five-year phone battery will never function as a brand new battery.

However, armed with our suggestions for the best battery care practice, you can keep your smartphone's battery life much longer.

When should I charge my phone?
The golden rule is to keep the battery recharged somewhere between 50% and 90% most of the time.
Recharge it when it falls below 50%, but disconnect it before it reaches 100%. For this reason, you may want to reconsider leaving it connected overnight.

Giving the phone a full charge is not fatal for a phone battery, and it seems almost incomprehensible not to do it, but it seems paradoxical to always give a full charge every time, it shortens its duration.
Similarly, it is good to avoid leaving the phone battery less than 20%.

Should I charge my phone's battery 100%?
No, or at least not every time you upload it. Experts recommend performing a full charge from zero to 100% (a "full charge cycle") once a month. This recalibrates the battery, which is a bit like restarting the computer.

Is it wrong to charge my phone during the night?
Yes! If this is the rule. However, most modern smartphones are smart to disconnect the charge when the battery is full, so there is no real risk of leaving the phone charging during the night.

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