Apple has finally revealed the new iPhone 11, which should arrive on the market next September...
2019-09-11 10:40:29
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Apple announces the new iPhone 11

But will they be enough?

Apple has finally revealed the new iPhone 11, which should arrive on the market next September 20th. The models, as expected, are three, namely iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. 11 Pro seems the most sensible one among the three, considering the dimensions almost identical to those of the old X with in addition a third chamber, ultrawide lens and telescopic lens. There will be an automatic night mode, new post processing effects in photos and videos.

The front camera has also undergone improvements and now enjoys a greater viewing angle, 12 megapixels and features the Smart HDR function. The Pro has a 5.8 "OLED display, the same applies to the Max, which is however positioned at 6.5". Processors change, which now become A3 Bionic, more efficient and efficient in order to increase both productivity and autonomy. We talk about 5 and 6 more hours respectively. And this time, fortunately, the quick charger is included in the package.

Prices were predictable, ranging from € 1179 for Pro and € 1279 for Pro Max. Smooth iPhone 11, which would then be XR's reskin, will cost from € 829 upwards. As a novelty on the device, there is an improved viewing angle in the rear chambers, a brighter flash, slow motion features in the front camera, 4K video and speedy Face ID.

Few and meager news for this year's iPhones, in short. Not that it was not all already fully budgeted but Apple was right to expect something more to soar on a competition that was now very aggressive and had been ahead for a long time. The difficulties faced by the Cupertino company are denoted not only by the now outdated and in some ways anachronistic design of its new smartphones, equipped with a huge notch forced by the Face ID and by the rear cameras to say the least questionable, but also by the lowering of the price of the iPhone 11 compared to the previous XR.

It remains to be seen whether these serious difficulties will then translate into a negative user response. Of course, the fact of being able to grab an Oneplus 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S10 for amounts below € 600 will not help Apple in the run-up.