We know that iPhone cost a lot more than Android, a technical draw. It is also known that many...
2019-11-08 10:59:56
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Apple is launching an iPhone (really) cheap?

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Cupertino should launch the new cheaper iPhone to spring 2020.

We know that iPhone cost a lot more than Android, a technical draw. It is also known that many users are willing to spend more, just to have an Apple device. But for more than a year, sales of the iPhone are falling. Apple, so you may soon answer this problem by launching a cheaper iPhone.
is what speculate some time most analysts worldwide who are almost always able to make very reliable predictions on Apple devices coming soon. And one of the next forecast is that according to which Apple will be selling the iPhone in 2020 SE2, that is, the "sequel", the little understood in Italy "cheap iPhone" iPhone SE (March 2016 Summer 2018). L 'iPhone SE2 could sell many pieces: the estimate of analysts is between 20 and 30 million.
One reason is to sell its products in countries around the world who are experiencing economic growth, but do not have a per capita wealth enough for high-end iPhone. Another reason is perhaps more likely, is that thinking long term esserndo Apple fewer hardware manufacturer but increasingly service provider, increasing the number of circulating Apple devices in the world is tantamount to also increase the potential customers for Apple services . Even so, Apple is looking to mal'occhio the spread of sales of its smartphones reconditioned.
How much will the iPhone SE2?
Today the top of the range of Apple's iPhone 11Pro, with stratospheric prices, and on Apple's website are for sale, as "entry level", the iPhone 8 starting at 449 Euros. Therefore presime a starting price of € 369, or about half of an iPhone with 11 basic technical characteristics. We wait with curiosity.