Qualcomm, provider of SoC for international smartphone, is now ready to step to 5G. Its...
2019-11-21 12:15:15
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5G for all Qualcomm bands: expects impressive numbers

A major breakthrough

Qualcomm, provider of SoC for international smartphone, is now ready to step to 5G. Its Snapdragon processors are already compatible with the new standard, but does not enjoy a widespread distribution in all markets. Nevertheless, the American giant expects an extraordinary diffusion in the coming years.
According to his forecast, already in 2020 5G smartphones shipped worldwide will be between 175 and 225 million. In 2021 the number will rise to more than 450 million units, while in 2022 we expect 750 million 5G phones. The numbers are impressive, and reflect the will of Qualcomm to produce an adequate number of chips in order to keep the head of the charts.
The new standard will then spread faster than is the case for the 4G. Among the main reasons there is China, a huge market, ready to welcome the 5G technology.
Another reason is the most extensive coverage of the different market segments. Qualcomm has in fact intend to propose chipset with 5G modules both in the top processors range than in those of medium and medium-low range. This will allow a greater number of smartphones to support the new standard, adapting to consumer spending ability.
The great success of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo in recent years, it has also facilitated the spread of dual SIM phones on the market. These are common especially among professionals, or between users who prefer to separate personal contact by labor. Among other things, the 5G offers simultaneous connectivity to smartphones equipped with dual card. Qualcomm is not made unprepared, proposing his modem Snapdragon X50 to support this feature. In this way, those who usually use smartphone with dual SIM card can easily switch to 5G, enjoying all the benefits of the new network.