Anyone interested in Apple Arcade is now an annual subscription, available also for Italians...
2019-12-19 10:03:54
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Apple Arcade now with annual subscription to save

Save 10 EUR a year

Anyone interested in Apple Arcade is now an annual subscription, available also for Italians users. The cost is € 49.99, compared with € 4.99 required by the monthly variation. This will make it possible to save nearly 10 Euros each year.
Apple's new service is designed for people who love video games but does not intend to make do with the usual free to play with micro transactions. Members will then have access to a securities fleet of more than 100 premium games, which will be free to download to their device to play in comfort. After downloading you will not have to stay connected to a network.
Selected Arcade games for Apple products have originally paid, some of which were developed exclusively and not on other platforms. The catalog is updated constantly, and seeks to deliver a high-level gaming, to rival other portable machines. The Cupertino giant supports developers who want to bring their games on Apple's Arcade, with both technical support and with economic investment.
Service subscribers can play from the iPhone (iOS 13 and later), iPad, Mac or Apple TV (TVOS 13 and later). In addition, there is a cross save function to resume play at any time from another device.
Apple Arcade is just one of the latest in gaming. Google has recently entered in this challenging market by offering Stadia, a game streaming service that currently has not been a great success. It is proposed as an alternative to the traditional gaming console, and is meant only for owners to very high-performance Internet connections.
nearest alternative to Apple instead Arcade Google Play Pass, a subscription service offered in turn to $ 4.99 per month, for the moment only in the United States. This gives access to a catalog of about 400 apps and games for Android. They are all free of advertising or micro transactions, offer somewhat mixed.