As of January 1, 2020, electric scooters and Segways with handlebars were equated to cycles, the...
2020-01-08 09:44:58
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Electric Scooters become officially vehicles in Italy

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As of January 1, 2020, electric scooters and Segways with handlebars were equated to cycles, the category to which they belong even bicycles. This means, according to Italian law, be real vehicles. The recognition, however, only applies to electric scooters. Hoverboard and monowheel continue with the experimentation of micro-mobility commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and only in the city that had given its consent.
The new navigation systems will give an important hand to reduce the traffic congestion that plagues many years from Italian centers. They are in fact many municipalities interested in pushing the so-called last-mile transport, which also help to limit the pollution problem.
Not all electric scooters, however, fall into the new regulation. Those comparable to bicycles must have very precise requirements: the maximum speed can not be higher than 20 Km / h, the maximum engine power will be 500 watts, and the means must be provided to both front and rear lights.
At this point the Highway Code will be applied in a clear, avoiding questionable episodes such as heavy fines occurred in some cities. It is reasonable to assume that electric scooters can now enjoy an increase in popularity. The state has indeed every reason to promote the spread of such means, useful in several respects.
Among other things, we will see now a go-ahead for the sharing of media programs. Such initiatives have been repeatedly blocked in the bud, because the Highway Code does not contemplate the existence of electric scooters.
remains to be seen, the situation regarding hoverboard and one-wheel. These are conceptually not too different from electric scooters, and it is realistic that in the near future they too will fall into one category closer to that of the cycles.