A little 'we all know that Samsung Galaxy Fold has not exactly overwhelmed the market. The first...
2020-01-13 09:53:02
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Samsung Galaxy Fold no bang, sales under half a million

A troubled launch

A little 'we all know that Samsung Galaxy Fold has not exactly overwhelmed the market. The first foldable Android smartphone produced by the Korean giant has been marketed in a thousand technical problems, being placed in a prohibitive price range for most consumers. Although there are no accurate figures, we can now make us a rough idea of ​​how many units are sold.
to let us know it directly Koh Dong-jin, president and CEO of IT and Mobile Communication Division of Samsung. Journalists present at the CES in Las Vegas held that Galaxy Fold has sold between 400,000 and 500,000 pieces. Interesting though is the way he phrased or "I think he has sold between 400,000 and 500,000 pieces."
Frankly it is not credible that the director of the division may have doubts about a matter like that. Much more likely it is that sales were below expectations, and the company has therefore decided to remain vague. We must consider in fact that any negative statement might have serious repercussions on the stock exchange securities.
In December, a Samsung executive (Sogn Young-kwon) had stated that Galaxy had Fold over one million units sold. The news was quickly denied. Samsung justified the mistake, saying that maybe the manager had mistaken the real sales data with initial forecasts for 2019, forecasting that clearly have been resized.
actual sales of Galaxy Fold would still be in line with the forecasts of many analysts, who expected precisely between 400,000 and 500,000 units sold.
The next Samsung foldable smartphone should come instead presented in February. Once closed should assume a nearly square shape, while the panel should measure 6.7 inches.
Of course we are still new territory and discover, where producers are experimenting and refining their technologies. It will take even a little 'before prices fall within the reach of the mass market.