Among smartwatch and fitness tracker, it's no secret how wearable devices are continuing to...
2020-01-13 09:36:04
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true wireless earphones with record profits, Apple dominates

Cables already obsolete?

Among smartwatch and fitness tracker, it's no secret how wearable devices are continuing to attack the market. The research institute Strategy Analytics has released the latest data regarding the real stars of the industry, ie the true wireless earbuds. Are those completely devoid of cables (also between headsets) and prefer instead to rely on the Bluetooth connection.
It is a booming segment, which in 2019 showed a + 200% over the previous year. Values ​​like that are coveted by many companies, and is the reason why the introductions of new headsets are followed throughout the year at a fast pace. At CES 2020 in Las Vegas they came in particular many new proposals from many different manufacturers.
Despite an elite price, Apple dominates the scene with its AirPods, that alone own about 55% of the entire market. There is talk of more than 60 million copies sold in 2019 alone, a number that has effectively annihilated any competition. Among other things, Apple also owns the Beats Audio brand, which in turn does mark considerable revenues. Precisely because of prices generally quite high, Apple AirPods alone represent 71% of consumer spending in 2019, with reference to true wireless earbuds.
Xiaomi and Samsung follow Apple in second and third position, but have market shares below 10%. So there is a very marked difference with the Cupertino giant, a gap that will soon lead to a healthy competition. We keep in mind fact that the forecasts for 2020 are very positive: we expect a further expansion of the wearable market, particularly with regard to the true wireless earbuds. The proposals of the competition will be attractive, even teasing the mid-market. It is in fact planning to considerable price declines, and the entrance of new producers who liven up the market further.