In the course of 2020 Screen Technology Communication Meeting, the Chinese OnePlus has unveiled...
2020-01-14 12:02:00
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Here are the top display of 2020: OnePlus range enchants with 120 hertz

A year in the name of high refresh rate

In the course of 2020 Screen Technology Communication Meeting, the Chinese OnePlus has unveiled all the details on next-generation displays. They will be fitted on new Android smartphone top of the range, and show us the trends that will be followed also by other companies in the industry.
The 2019 scored, on top of the range, the standardization of the display at 90 hertz. They showed consumers how the fluidity can improve the experience of using a smartphone. They are benefits that gamers are already familiar with for years, but only now we are seeing the introduction of a high refresh panels on smartphone and TV.
OnePlus is then gone to freewheel, showing a display from well 120 hertz, developed in collaboration with Samsung. Without surprise anyone then speak of an AMOLED technology while choosing a 2K resolution. Going beyond would be little sense considering the size of the panel, the viewing distance and the considerable increase in energy demands. No doubt a more durable battery that an unnecessarily high resolution.
We already know that 120 Hz translates to 120 reports per second, but there's more. The OnePlus display of sample rate it gets to 240 hertz, the highest in the industry. This means a substantial increase in responsiveness and accuracy to our touch.
The display is a 10-bit native, covers 1.07 billion colors and offers 1024 shades for each chromatism. They are numbers 64 times higher than traditional smartphone. To this we add a peak brightness that reaches 1,000 nit, an excellent value of AMOLED, and which provides excellent visibility even under direct sunlight.
Considering the specifications it is clear that there will be no compatibility problem with the HDR standard. However enjoying Netflix and Amazon Prime videos in all their glory will depend on the certifications, in particular with regard to Dolby Digital. Instead No problem for HDR 10:10 Plus.