In the course of 2020 we will see a spread of 5G technologies on the Italian territory, starting...
2020-01-23 12:41:59
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The 5G is reality, then we talk about 6G, and Japan is in the lead

Good news for our children

In the course of 2020 we will see a spread of 5G technologies on the Italian territory, starting from the large urban centers. The telephone companies continue to invest millions of Euros between antennas, repeaters and the right to use certain bands than others. As we prepare for the revolution approaching, Japan does not want to be caught off guard with the next generation, or the 6G planned for 2030. There are still
10 years, of course, but we must get to work immediately for not starting at a disadvantage. This sort of "performance anxiety" might depend on a delay just from the Land of the Rising Sun with the spread of 5G. Japan is not in fact managed to stay in the forefront, being passed by both the Chinese Huawei that by Qualcomm Westerners.
With 6G you want then change the music: by the end of January 2020 will form a search committee on the new standard, which will be headed by Makoto Gogami, dean of the prestigious Tokyo Daigaku (University of Tokyo) . The work will be supervised directly by the Minister Sanae Takaichi. Within a few months they will come in the staff also representatives of NTT Docomo (the largest telephone company in the country) and Toshiba. The government has allocated a total of about $ 2 billion to fund research and development in technologies 6G.
For the moment just about speed, it should be roughly 10 times higher than those reached on 5G. As we all know, however, one of the main advantages of the 5G is not so much the speed (which is considerable), but rather stability. The constancy of the connection and the absence of sharp fluctuations allow, in theory, performance similar to those from a cable. We say this because it is clear that the 6G may not be limited to a simple increase velocistico, especially having to expand the spectrum of possibilities for the end customer.
For now only remains a future to be defined.