When it comes to recycling is thought only to plastic, glass and paper. But the recycling also...
2020-01-29 11:31:24
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toner cartridges and disposal

We offer the Eco-box to have no thoughts stray and respect the environment

When it comes to recycling is thought only to plastic, glass and paper. But the recycling also includes cartridges and printer toner, which, if properly collected, sorted, disassembled and reconstructed, can return to carry out their work as before. Once you exhausted, in fact, toners and cartridges, can not be treated as municipal waste, but fall into the category of special waste (classified as hazardous or non-hazardous).
Italian law with Dlg. 152/2006 and Dlg. 205/2010 introduced the OBLIGATION of disposing of this waste by licensed operators. For those who transgress are provided for heavy fines and in some cases even criminal complaint.
Thus there is a special procedure for companies and offices, and in general for all VAT number holders, who have an obligation to eliminate this waste and to demonstrate the disposal occurred. To carry out this process correctly, there are specialized companies that provide the collection of waste and follow the bureaucratic process, releasing the waste identification form at the end of service (FIR).
To be in good standing and therefore does not bump into penalties, and exhausted toner cartridges must be placed inside special containers of type eco-box. Providing lid, to avoid the dispersion of powders and / or liquids ,. The storage must take place, moreover, in a dry place, not exposed to atmospheric agents and not subjected to thermal shock.
The deposit in ecobox is temporary, for a 365-day limit period. Companies and professionals need to dispose, as established by law (Art. 183 paragraph 1 letter. M of Legislative Decree no. 152/06 and D.M.22 October 2008).
A carry, and consequently dispose of the waste, can only be specialized operators issuing a specific form (FIR), a sort of pick-up bubble that materially follows the transport of waste. In this way the enterprise, the organization or the professional studio producer of the waste, is able at all times to prove that everything was done correctly. The form consists of four copies: the first remains at the producer of the waste, the second operator of the recovery / disposal, the third holds the conveyor, while the fourth must be returned to the producer within 90 days from the delivery of the rejection of the implant.
Who thinks he can do alone or, even worse, delete and toner cartridges in the street bins, not conforming to the law, it can run into heavy penalties. As well as causing serious damage to ecology:
Sanctions sizes range from EUR 2,600 to 15,500 for non-hazardous waste, and up to EUR 93,000 for hazardous. There is also an additional sanction leading to the suspension, from one month to one year, from the position held by the person responsible for the infringement and that of administrator.
Giving the opportunity to the waste toner to be recycled, with the disposal occurred, it is not only required by law, but also results in an economic savings and environmental benefits. To produce a cartridge fact serve more than four liters of oil, and to rebuild it did not even consume a drop. Also during the recycling process the carcasses and parts are used to produce new cartridges, while the metal and plastic parts are processed and transformed into raw materials for the production of other products. Finally the use of tapes and recycled cartridges allows a cost savings ranging from 30% to 70%.
The toner and health
"fine powder containing particles of carbon, oxides of iron and resin, used as the ink from laser printers, copiers and fax machines." E 'this is the definition toner that we find on Wikipedia: "(...) the toner and the paper, together with the gas already present in the environment, are processed printing apparatus which releases, (... ..) volatile organic compounds, particulates with particle sizes which can range from 1 to 1.10 micrometer (ie, able to enter the lungs), ozone and selenium. "
Talking about health risks, however, is not just Wikipedia. More and more often we hear through the media of possible harmful consequences for our body, due to exposure to toner. Several studies and analyzes have been done about it. According to some international research centers would be four carcinogenic materials emitted from toner: benzene, formaldehyde, styrene, of titanium oxide.
In this regard the dell'usufruitore sensitization is also important of printing machinery application of specific filters that block the fine dust released into the air from the printing machine itself.
E 'the same decree 152/2006 that in paragraph 13:20 defines the type of waste that can be recovered and reused: "toner cartridge assembly for laser printers, toner containers for photocopiers, cartridges for printers and fax calculators inkjet, ribbon cartridges for dot matrix printers ".
Regenerating cartridges therefore, reduces the production of waste destined for landfill, saving on raw materials, the oil in the first place. In the case in which, finally, the cartridge could not be recovered in full, it is reduced into fragments, separately recycling plastic and metals.