If connections among housewives Fastweb holds the scepter of the fastest in Italy (2019 data),...
2020-01-29 11:35:58
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Vodafone with the best connections of 2019 in Italy

At least on the mobile

If connections among housewives Fastweb holds the scepter of the fastest in Italy (2019 data), with regard to mobile music is decidedly different. The well-known application nPerf published the data collected during the year, and to lead all was once again Vodafone. Following close behind TIM, while more detached we Wind Three. It closes the Iliad ranking newcomer on our territory, but definitely growing in all respects.
Data were collected from January 1 to December 31, 2019 a total of 294,222 tests, including analysis of speed, streaming and navigation.
down in more detail, Vodafone and TIM are at the same level in terms of latency, browsing and streaming Vodafone wins but if you take into consideration the speed of download and upload.
Speaking of real speed and proper, Vodafone has registered this year an average of well 36,10Mb / s. Followed by TIM with 29.70 Mb / s, Wind Three with 28.88 Mb / s and Iliad with 27.84 Mb / s. The distance between first and second positions is therefore quite marked. However, in spite of the positions, it is interesting to note that both Wind Three Iliad who are still working just fine. marks an average increase Compared to 2018 in fact, Iliad of its speed by about 45%, while Wind Three reaches a + 48%.
charts published by nPerf also confirm that all operators see a reduction in download speed in the evening, those in the most congested theory.
Even looking at the upload bandwidth Vodafone remains in the first position, with an average of 12.47 Mb / s. Back TIM in second place, with 11,79Mb, while Wind Three and Iliad are practically paired, the first with 10,01Mb, the second with 9,93Mb. As well as for download, upload also appreciate significant improvements compared to 2018, that is, a + 19% for Iliad and a + 24% for Wind Three.