The 5G is gaining momentum, more or less quickly, in all major markets. Latest sales figures tell...
2020-01-30 11:14:19
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Huawei better than Samsung smartphone with 5G

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The 5G is gaining momentum, more or less quickly, in all major markets. Latest sales figures tell us that, at present, China's Huawei is queen of the 5G smartphone market, followed closely by Samsung.
Numbers in hand, Huawei holds 36.9% of the global market, with 6.9 million distributed phones. Samsung is content instead of 6.7 million units and 35.8% of the pie.
These values ​​are not surprising: the 5G is much more common in Asia than in the West. Markets such as China and South Korea have a better coverage in 5G, so the managers of the various marketing campaigns have already pushed users to switch to the new standard.
hand, both in Europe and in the US there's been a lot of movement. Despite the multimillion investments of the various operators, the work on the infrastructures were not very quick. The 2019 was an important start of the service, and we are certain that in the course of 2020 the scenario will become very interesting.
In Asia, meanwhile, Huawei dominates the scene. The ban imposed by Trump is not so serious after all the Chinese territory, where users are already accustomed to using different from the usual Google apps package. Huawei is effectively damming the app problem even in our territories, offering Android smartphones that are all they need, despite the absence of big G.
Samsung sells itself just fine, primarily in South Korea. With the spread of 5G in the West expect overrun by Samsung against Huawei in 2020.
will also be interesting to see Apple's behavior, a little 'behind competitors in the race to 5G . The year 2020 will see the debut of the first iPhone compatible with this technology, and we do not doubt that will carve out a significant space in this increasingly competitive market.