The ban imposed by Trump on Huawei continues to have important repercussions on the entire...
2020-02-07 09:46:43
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Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo team up against Google Play Store

Chinese Axis vs. USA

The ban imposed by Trump on Huawei continues to have important repercussions on the entire Android scene. As we know, the Chinese giant has long been working on its own operating system (OS Harmony), but still require a lot of work, it speaks of years. For the moment, the company's Android smartphones continue to sell well, either by the priest hardware sector, either because there are alternative app that make up for the absence of those Google official. Of course you can not do much if the app in question need Google Maps to work properly, then there remain important limitations. To overcome them, it seems that the same Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have decided to form a common front against Google and Play Store.
Vivo is relatively new in this market, but has already managed to carve out an important place, with a market that has gone in the West with a good success. The other three are the real giants, which annually rank million Android smartphones in stores around the world, enjoying a good reception from the audience.
According to information reported by the authoritative magazine Reuters the common goal is to become completely independent from the US companies, so as to be able to move independently. This is referred to GDSA or Global Developer Service Alliance, a kind of alternative platform in which to deliver content to any type and in any market. It would in practice of a standard to overcome the closed platforms of each producer. This would therefore be more attractive to the developers themselves, who would see substantially increase the catchment area.
According to Reuters the new platform will be presented in March 2020, and will initially be distributed in the markets of India, Russia, Indonesia and other unspecified 6. It will be an alternative way to reach and more direct in number of interesting markets, especially when the platform will find its way in China. The Trump choices could have catastrophic consequences for the entire Android universe.