The iPhone production is going through a major slowdowns. The danger of infection by the...
2020-02-11 10:02:50
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iPhone suffers with coronavirus, closing factories in China

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The iPhone production is going through a major slowdowns. The danger of infection by the coronavirus has led both the Chinese government that larger companies to take drastic action, closing some factories until the situation will not become safer for employees. Two of the companies concerned are Foxconn (the leading manufacturer of the iPhone in the world) and Pegatron. The Foxconn factory in Shenzhen would have to reopen today, but the risks for workers unfortunately continue to be very high, so it was decided to prolong the halt construction until further notice. This will have important repercussions on the future of iPhone availability 11 and the unannounced iPhone SE
2. The slowdown in production caused by the coronavirus will be obvious. It is expected reduced production by 10% compared to original estimates, at least for now. Foxconn has obviously tried to redistribute the work using other factories in both Chinese and Indian territory. Unfortunately, the availability of labor is what it is, no one can do wonders. It 'clear that at this moment the safety of employees must be a priority.
Apple will meet a number of challenges to satisfy the demand for new smartphones, for both current and for the next generation. For consumers, all this will result in longer waits before seeing their orders processed. It is not even to exclude an increase in prices, especially for those who want to turn to alternative markets Ebay and the like.
course Foxconn and Pegatron not only assemble iPhone. There will also be problems for a number of brands that produce Android smartphone. A few days ago the same Xiaomi had reported a drop in production caused by the fact coronavirus.
Simply put, the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers relies on the Chinese market for the realization of a number of components and the assembly phase. The region most affected by the coronavirus is, in effect, paralyzed, then there is bound to have repercussions on the entire global market. Let us hope that everything will be resolved for the better anytime soon.