The Iliad French giant has exceeded the threshold of 5 million subscribers on Italian territory...
2020-02-12 09:44:36
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Iliad triumphant in Italy with 5 million subscribers, and there is talk of the future

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An unexpected success

The Iliad French giant has exceeded the threshold of 5 million subscribers on Italian territory in just 18 months. The excellent result was achieved thanks to an inspired marketing campaign, which made lever on dissatisfaction of Italian customers towards other operators. In an interview given to the microphones of LesEchos, Iliad said she was excited about the reception by the Italian public, speaking as a success comparable to the launch of Free Mobile at home.
In the company statement no shortage of barbs directed to others our own managers, who were recently fined nearly 230 million euro for having agreed on prices against consumers. Tim, Wind, Fastweb and Vodafone are certainly not new to the class action and complaints to the competent bodies, over the years suffer a large number of fines that, obviously, are slow to the desired effect. It 'clear that Iliad wants to highlight the incorrect behavior of its competitors to make themselves more attractive to consumers.
In the Iliad programs is the construction of 6,000 antennas on Italian soil by the end of 2020. The biggest challenge will certainly be the transition to 5G technology, which should happen in the second half of 2020. the company is meanwhile continuing to invest in the creation of a network as much as possible capillary, which is not resting on other operators.
Iliad has also shown a strong interest in fixed telephony, and especially in the supply of fiber optic connections. Again, the French giant intends to carry out its own network to not be dependent on other companies. It will mean so have an additional competitor on the market, giving way to a competition that will be good for the price.
In France Iliad is the first provider to supply fiber optic services, and has every intention to replicate its success in other markets, including Italy.