The emergency coronavirus COVID-19 has now involved most of the world, and Europe is Italy to pay...
2020-03-02 10:41:39
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Coronavirus COVID-19 has disastrous impact on the smartphone market

Especially in Italy

The emergency coronavirus COVID-19 has now involved most of the world, and Europe is Italy to pay in the worst conditions. The numerous collapses in the stock market will be accompanied by substantial difficulties for the global market, difficulties which affect almost all sectors. Among these there is also the telephone, with analysts revise downwards its sales estimates, the rate in the diffusion of new technology and the stability of many companies. Thus we see that the situation is looming regarding smartphones in this 2020, using as reference the institute estimates Canalys research. In
predictions a few months ago it was expected the first quarter of 2020 with shipments by 0.3% lower than the same period last year. The latest estimates indicate a 14.5% now, so a strong slowdown in fact due to the fear of consumers. The purchase of new smartphone or technological products is not the priority right now.
During the second quarter instead of the estimate it was + 0.3%, which has now instead become a -6.9%. A substantial deterioration, of course, but less severe than the previous quarter.
Analysts still some optimism as regards the third and fourth quarter of 2020. In fact we expect an interruption in the spread of the coronavirus, thanks to the containment work of governments, the different weather situations and the natural course of the virus. The tests on the vaccine should also reassure the population that, according to forecasts, will find the urge to spend, giving a breath of fresh air to the market.
In the third quarter we therefore expect shipments up 1.8%, against 0.8% previously estimated. Situation growth in the fourth quarter, with an increase of 8% compared to + 4.9% in the previous estimates.
seems in fact that the market is in a stalemate, at least for now. With Dimming of fear and the reduction of infections it will finally launch a process of growth. For the moment we focus on health, trying not to give too much space to the alarm.