Just as happened to a Samsung factory in recent days, but LG Display is forced to close its plant...
2020-03-03 10:26:42
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After Samsung LG Display also closed due Coronavirus system

Global crisis in act

Just as happened to a Samsung factory in recent days, but LG Display is forced to close its plant Gyeongbuk, South Korea, an area considered at risk for the spread of the coronavirus. For the moment it was confirmed the closure for one day, but does not exclude a longer break, depend more on developments. What is certain is that South Korea is facing at this moment an enormous challenge, being the country with the highest number of infections occurred after China.
LG has confirmed that an employee of a bank located in the Business Complex Gumi tested positive for COVID-19. Some areas of the complex were then closed, and we need to work with the government to sterilize them and secure them. Anyone you're connected to the employee was asked to stay indoors and to monitor their health in the next two weeks.
Gyeongbuk The facility is used for the production of TFT LCD panels, including LG Display is one of the world's largest producers. Its panels are mounted on smartphones by many companies, but also on more TV companies. In spite of the excellence with OLED technology, LG continues to invest in the already run-in LCD, which continues to have considerable room for improvement. Along with Samsung and - partially - Sony, LG is one of the few companies that manufactures the panels used in their devices.
For the moment we do not expect repercussions of note on display manufacturing, so there should be no problems in terms of supplies. It is equally true that the coronavirus COVID-19 has already led to a sharp slowdown in sales of smart devices, as reported in a previous article.
Analysts expect from a market recovery beginning in the second half of 2020. It is supposed that the epidemic can be reduced, favoring the stock market and enticing consumers to resume purchases. For the moment continues to reign some concern.