Asus Rog Phone 2 is the Android smartphone from gaming with high performance. After a beta...
2020-03-10 10:26:01
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Android 10 brings the captivating black theme of Asus ROG Phone 2

Started the official rollout

Asus Rog Phone 2 is the Android smartphone from gaming with high performance. After a beta phase, it began the official rollout for Android 10 on the terminal, so you should receive the update between now and the next few days.
This version introduces the highly anticipated themed black. The lines are very nice, quite aggressive, appropriate to the type of audience. You can enable or disable the new theme used by app, enabling you to optimize the user experience.
ROG Phone 2 mounts a type AMOLED screen technology that is also the main reason why many developers are investing in themes from darker colors. One therefore expects an increase in the battery life.
Android 10 improves the performance of ROG Phone 2, while increasing the fluidity of navigation through the menus. There are also small refinements to gesture to impart some basic commands, how to go back, go to the home or activate the Google voice assistant.
the update of course includes all the main new features of Android 10. So we have a renewed notification system, better management of software battery and some cosmetic changes.
News also as regards the management of privacy, for years one of the favorite discussion topics from the network. We will have greater freedom to manage shared files, as well as position data. Even cameras should see some improvement: in fact Android 10 analyzes in an intelligent manner the depth (in smartphones equipped with dedicated module), then allowing a better job by the software.
Asus is trying to carve out a niche in the mobile gaming market, which every year is scoring increasing numbers. It is a very profitable segment for software vendors, with several companies interested triple A to monetize, as in the case of Activision with Call of Duty, Epic Games with Fortnite and Nintendo itself with its numerous franchise. The answer to the smartphones of this kind has not yet been enthusiastic, mostly due to rather high prices. It remains a rapidly expanding market.