Whatsapp is meeting the wishes of the darkest and most importantly, who owns a smartphone with...
2020-03-10 10:45:37
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Whatsapp: here comes the dark theme on iOS and Android, distributed

Better late than never

Whatsapp is meeting the wishes of the darkest and most importantly, who owns a smartphone with AMOLED display. And 'in fact it distributed a few hours the dark theme of known messaging application, which will soon be available for all iOS and Android users. The new mode changes the appearance of the app, and allows a lower energy consumption by the display.
If you have not received the automatic update and want to force it, you can go on the official website of WhatsApp apk and download the latest version (2.20.65, Android only). Alternatively you can just wait more than a couple of days.
If you own an iPhone, the dark theme of Whatsapp it is automatically activated according to system settings. Those who were in possession of an Android smartphone can manually activate the new ways in your app settings. The route is then Whatsapp, Settings, Chat, Tema. From here you can enable the new dark theme or the Default, which will automatically choose according to system settings.
Among other things, the new method should reduce the strain on the eyes with your smartphone in dark environments. Although it is not a good habit, those who use the phone to bed at night should particularly appreciate the dark theme. Here is the official statement of the development team:
"In designing the dark mode, we focused research and testing on two aspects in particular. Readability: the choice of colors, we wanted to minimize eye strain, and use colors closest to the default settings of the system, respectively, on the iPhone and Android. The hierarchy of information: we want to help users to easily focus their attention on each screen. For this we used the color and other design elements to bring out the most important information. "
Whatsapp is just the latest of the relevant applications to receive a dark theme. Numerous companies they have decided to follow this trend, offering its users the ability to choose from. the benefits on energy consumption are in fact not negligible, and limited one of the most evident problems of the modern smartphone market.