Pete Lau, Chairman of OnePlus, gave an interview to the American CNET microphones, reeling off...
2020-03-11 10:42:11
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OnePlus 8: will be 5G and more expensive predecessors

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Pete Lau, Chairman of OnePlus, gave an interview to the American CNET microphones, reeling off some new details on the long-awaited OnePlus line 8. As continue to miss official information on technical specifications, Lau wanted to highlight the ' 5G importance for the company. He said that OnePlus is investing for years in new technologies for connectivity, and the entire line 8 will support the 5G. Unfortunately, this will have repercussions on the price of terminals, which will be higher than those of previous generations. Here are his words:
"The new technology adds more costs, so compared to the 4G products we have of rising prices."
Over the years we have seen a gradual increase in the cost of the smartphone OnePlus. The company has been able to carve out a significant space in the crowded panorama of Android smartphones, thanks mainly to the quality of its terminals.
At this point remains to understand what are the plans for a possible OnePlus 8 Lite, a smartphone which is discussed in the rumors, which should be the entry level of the line 2020. Maintaining price low would be pretty hard if the company wanted to ensure 5G on all models.
According to reports, the cutting edge should still be OnePlus 8 Pro, Android smartphone with 6.5-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, and a sensor for fingerprints placed under the panel. A push everything there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. The camera compartment would be equipped with 3 sensors and optical stabilizer. Then there are from 6 to 12GB of RAM and the ability to mount the SD card to expand the memory. The battery should instead be 4,000 mAh, with rapid charging system Warp Charge 30T.
According to the guys at Tech Radar, the new OnePlus 8 should be launched in mid-April (we speak specifically of the 14th of the month). It not so much is missing before you find out how OnePlus will play their cards.