It seems that Google has bungled with its fourth Pixel, Android smartphone midrange of which we...
2020-03-17 11:14:02
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Google Pixel 4th unveiled ahead of time, with lots of advertising

Official presentation imminent?

It seems that Google has bungled with its fourth Pixel, Android smartphone midrange of which we already know all even before the official presentation. The guys at TecnoLike Plus have released a video where they show the device in detail, deepening also on the technical specifications. What's more, Google has put up billboards where he reveals the price, which starts at $ 399. Hard to say whether it is really an oversight or a way to gain more coverage in the press.
Google Pixel fourth course will be marketed with Android 10, the latest version of its operating system. It comes with a 5.81-inch display with 2340x1080 resolution, 443 ppi and a refresh rate of 60Hz. It is clear therefore that the Mountain View giant wanted a mid-range phone, without pointing to 120Hz which we'll see in the top range

2020. To confirm this, we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 SoC with video chip Adreno 618. adequate RAM in a single cut 6GB, more than enough to run everything right.
The rear camera has a square shape, aligned to that of Google Pixel 4. The sensor is 12MP.
interesting is the storage space, entrusted to a 64GB unit, but UFS 2.1 format. Unlike usual eMMC, UFS 2.1 guarantee a higher speed of transfer, which allow us to better exploit the potential of the CPU and therefore more quickly launch games and applications.
Closes the picture a 3,080 mAh battery, which does not scream to the miracle in terms of capacity, but it should allow you to get through the day even with heavy usage, at least during the first year.
For the moment there is no clear information about the launch date of the new Google Pixel fourth in the various markets. However, due to the leak and already started the marketing campaign is reasonable to assume that the presentation will take place soon, giving way to pre-orders.