Music Huawei has some active days on the European market, including Italy. This is the proposal...
2020-03-20 10:00:48
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Music Huawei also available in Italy to battle to Google

An alternative to Google Music

Music Huawei has some active days on the European market, including Italy. This is the proposal of Huawei to counter the ban Trump, a service that is in effect an alternative to Google Music.
streaming music today is a very interesting market, dominated by Apple Music and Spotify. Google is a bit 'farther back with his music, but he carried on intelligent political thinking of supplementing with the evergreen YouTube.
Huawei Music is free for the first month, after which you will have to pay a monthly fee of 9.99 €. The price is in line with that of Spotify, which is not necessarily good. Many users have expressed disappointment at a cost that, at least at launch, could have been more aggressive. For if Spotify and the like have their platforms lapped also many artists of the independent scene, Huawei Music is still a young service, which inevitably can not offer the same breadth of content.
Huawei has nevertheless worked well in terms of interface and ease of use. The application is aesthetically pleasing, user friendly, equipped with the features that we expected to find. The maximum sound quality should be of 640 kbps, but for now it seems that you do not go beyond 320 kbps.
Huawei Music can be downloaded from the App Gallery of Honor and Huawei terminals. Who owned an Android smartphone from another manufacturer can still use the service by installing the apk file, which you can download directly from the official website.
The standoff between China and the United States seems to continue. App Gallery has become in a very short time the third platform for downloading apps on smartphones, after Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Trump decisions are likely to bring a multitude of consumers to abandon the official Google store, with obvious repercussions on the US company earnings. A major collateral damage, and it is legitimate to ask if the President Trump it had taken into account before making his choice.