The 8 OnePlus series should be composed of three models designed for different market segments....
2020-03-30 12:59:50
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OnePlus 8:08 Pro: new rumors on the final technical specifications

Planned for mid-April

The 8 OnePlus series should be composed of three models designed for different market segments. Two of these are the basic version, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 8 Pro version. The well-known Ishan Agarwal had access - apparently - to detail the technical specifications, which promptly disclosed online. The source has been more reliable times, but as usual, we stress that none of the information was confirmed by OnePlus.
OnePlus 8 will be an Android smartphone with Super AMOLED display 6.55 inch, Resolution + and FHD 90Hz update. The processor will SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, accompanied by 8 or 12GB of RAM in LPDDR4X format. The equipment will depend on the memory storage cutting chosen, which may be 128 or 256GB on UFS 3.0 standard.
The rear camera will be based on an optical triple from 48, 16 and 2MP. There are currently more details on focal aperture, pixel size or presence of an optical stabilizer (which, however, should be present on the 16GB module).
complete the picture a 4.300mAh battery fast charging 30W and support to 5G, as promised by the company.
OnePlus 8 Pro is bigger, with its by 6.78-inch screen, the new Super AMOLED. The resolution increases, switching to a QHD +, and the refresh rate to 120Hz salt.
The processor will be the same Snapdragon 865. The RAM cut remains to be 8 or 12GB, but the modules will be in this case the highest performing LPDDR5. Identical instead the options for storage space, more and 128 or 256GB in USF 3.0.
The camera switches to an optical quadruple, with sensors 48, respectively, 48, 8 and 5MP. Again no details on other specifications.
It closes with a battery with quick charge 4.510mAh 30W, 5G connectivity and IP68 certification for water immersion.
Both devices should be presented and marketed around the middle of April 2020.