The AirTag exist, and Apple has confirmed its existence to the world ahead of time. It was...
2020-04-06 09:36:14
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Apple confirms AirTag with an official video

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The AirTag exist, and Apple has confirmed its existence to the world ahead of time. It was obviously an oversight, and the video has already been removed from the YouTube channel of the Cupertino giant. However, many users are able to view it, make a copy and publish online a few pictures that fact confirms the existence of AirTag. It 'clear that Apple wants to wait before submitting officially the new accessories, but at this point there are no more doubts about their existence. He had already spoken to October last year, when the name had surfaced in the iOS code 13, together with that of a probable removable battery.
Video confirms that AirTag serve effectively regain lost property, even without the presence of a WiFi or mobile data. You must only activate the Offline Finding the iOS settings.
The AirTag should be small in size, comparable to those of a pen drive or a keychain. They can be applied (perhaps by adhesive) to many everyday objects that we want to track, or maybe we are more likely to lose. Our thoughts turn immediately to things like car keys, the TV remote control or your wallet. After applying the AirTag in theory we locate the object or monitor their movements through IOS.
AirTag should be equipped with some kind of removable battery, which probably will rely on a proprietary form factor to obstruct as little as possible.
According to the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the launch of Apple AirTag could have been in June, during the Worldwide Developers Conference (which in any case will take place online only), or directly in September 2020, to coincide with the launch of iPhone 12. however, due to the new world situation and the spread of the pandemic, it would not be surprised if Apple wants to postpone the launch of new accessories at a later date.