The coronavirus emergency continues to be very serious in the world, but it seems that things...
2020-04-21 09:37:43
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Coronavirus and phone: infected with the smartphone you can

But it is resolved with some simple trick

The coronavirus emergency continues to be very serious in the world, but it seems that things are slowly improving in Italy. While you are working in the vaccine, virologists, hygienists and researchers conducting further studies on COVID-19. Among other things, we want to clarify the possibility of contagion through smartphones, one of the most frequently used tools in the day. The fundamental question is whether it is possible to become infected by handling the phone and eventually how to avoid it. We
clear right away that the infection can only occur if the virus comes into contact with our mucous membranes, specifically the mouth, nose and eyes. The vast majority of infections occur by air, which is why surgical masks manage to be effective. The infections resulting from contact with objects are rare and do not occur directly. The problem arises when we touch such an infected smartphone and then bring her hand to her mouth, eyes or nose. In this case it would become too dangerous for scratching an itch to the eyelid, as the real vehicle of contagion would be our hands.
This is why we insist so much on the issue on the need for hygiene and wash your hands often and in detail. Obviously, if we use it again after washing an infected smartphone, we go back to square one. To minimize the risks it is therefore appropriate to disinfect your phone with some regularity. E 'sufficient to use a cloth moistened with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or bleach.
similar Measures should also be reserved for other frequently used items such as door handles, remote control, mouse and PC keyboard.
instead Using headphones and earphones for smartphones is not possible to get infected in a direct manner. However, it can present a similar situation to the scenario just described, where our hands become the vehicle of transmission. Even using such accessories you may want to be careful hygiene, cleaning them with products that have an alcohol content equal to or greater than 70%. In the case of hands instead just an alcoholic percentage at least equal to 60%, provided that the cleaning is both accurate and for at least 20 seconds.