According to a new report published by the authoritative Wall Street Journal, also Apple's...
2020-04-28 10:50:18
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iPhone 12: launch postponed according to the Wall Street Journal

A few month later?

According to a new report published by the authoritative Wall Street Journal, also Apple's roadmap would be compromised by the emergence coronaviruses. Apparently the upper echelons of the company have decided to postpone the launch of 12 new iPhone (or whatever it will be the official name). It speaks for the moment a couple of months late, with a slip of the marketing until November or December 2020. It seems that there are still doubts that the new terminal will be available in stores later this year in all major markets.
The reason for the delay would be at least in part the difficulties encountered in the production phase.
remember that most of the components on the iPhone is manufactured and assembled in China, with some of the leading industry giants. The number of 12 iPhone available for a hypothetical launch in September would be significantly lower than the expectations of Apple, which is why it is considering the referral. It 'a problematic situation, especially considering that the launch of the new iPhone typically see an excess of demand over supply. Many customers are forced to wait for weeks despite reservations, witnessing incidents of online resale to extortionate prices.
The Wall Street Journal talking about a 20% reduction in the iPhone production for the second half of 2020. A fifth less than the original, therefore, that certainly will not make predictions too pleased to shareholders.
According to reports, the new line will have four different models. Two will be cheaper and will represent the iPhone number 12 itself. The other two will instead of the Pro line, and will be characterized by a component at the top and a higher price.
Some speculate that production difficulties could push Apple to eliminate one of the models scheduled to focus on others, in order to respect the roadmap. For the moment it is still in the world of speculation, with no official confirmation or denial from the company.