A few days ago, the Italian government had established a task force to select an app that...
2020-04-30 12:19:27
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Immune is the app against coronavirus

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A few days ago, the Italian government had established a task force to select an app that assistesse citizens during an emergency coronavirus. During the last Cabinet meeting was informed that the app will finally Immune, now identified as one of the most interesting and technically solid proposals.
Although the numbers are decreasing, "phase 2" toward which we move will be to live with the virus, while the population slowly return to normal. We already know that we have to protect ourselves with gloves and masks, but the new app will also be an important tool in the fight against viruses. Immune will be available for iOS and Android systems, for the majority of smart devices on the market.
clear right away that there will be - for the moment - no obligation for citizens. All will be free to download, install and use it on your smartphone, but is not expected any limitation for those who will not. It will therefore be possible to use public transport and move although not be available Immune app, as long as they comply with all other rules aimed at the protection of the citizen.
Use Immune still allow a number of advantages, and will allow users to obtain important information about the people encountered during outings. Users will be able to give their consent to be tracked, but Immune will still make any kind of geolocation on the individual. You may instead identify other users who have installed the app you will find in our vicinity, or with which we will enter in contact. This will make it possible to draw a map of the movements, letting us know if we were close to individuals with COVID
19. In this way, whenever arising symptoms of some kind, it will have one more tool to understand the nature of the malaise.
The Italian government ensures that Immune provide data in a completely anonymous.
All recorded data will be erased once the situation will be brought under control. In the worst cases it will be retained until December 31, 2020. After this date will be canceled and rendered useless.