A few days ago we told you Xiaomi, the Chinese giant that in Western Europe has reached fourth...
2020-05-13 09:50:40
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Xiaomi surpasses Apple in Italy: an extraordinary growth

In spite of the pandemic

A few days ago we told you Xiaomi, the Chinese giant that in Western Europe has reached fourth place among manufacturers of smartphones in terms of units sold . We learn today that the situation on the Italian territory is even better: Xiaomi has in fact also outclassed Apple, reaching third place in our overall rankings. The first and second position instead remain firmly anchored in the hands of Samsung and Huawei.
However, it is interesting to note how the majors in the sector have seen an undoubtedly impressive collapse in the first quarter of 2020, due to the pandemic that has led consumers towards saving. The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. Samsung | 38% share | -24% Q1 2020
  2. Huawei | 27% share | -27% Q1 2020
  3. Xiaomi | 16% share | + 306% Q1 2020
  4. Apple | 5% share | -70% Q1 2020
  5. Oppo | 4% share | + 1502% Q1 2020
Evidently the very aggressive pricing of Xiaomi have found fertile ground during a period characterized by general consumer uncertainty. The average high cost of the different iPhone has not helped, with Apple that records a dramatic -70%. In addition to Xiaomi, appearing to his impressive once the Oppo result, another Chinese giant, however this for the longest time in Italy compared to compatriot. In this case, the increase of 1502%, a number that Apple's door behind with a market share of 4%.
Just recently Xiaomi announced the success of online redmi Notes 8, in the words of Weibing Lu Weibo. Between Notes 8, 8T Notes and Notes 8 Pro, the line has sold some 30 million pieces. If we look at the last quarter of 2019, Xiaomi redmi Notes 8 has been the best-selling Android smartphone in the world, second only to the iPhone if we consider the market for smartphones in general. It is a series of smartphones placed in the low-end market, characterized by an excellent value for money. It is also available on the Italian territory at prices ranging from 150 to 200 Eu