Sundar Pichai gave a long interview to the authoritative The Verge, where he spoke of the...
2020-05-21 12:06:09
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Pixel in trouble, but Google still believes

Meanwhile, it seems that the fourth Pixel has been postponed again

Sundar Pichai gave a long interview to the authoritative The Verge, where he spoke of the current Google Pixel situation and the future plans of the company regarding its hardware. It's no secret that the pixel line has never reached mainstream market. Not so much for real shortcomings in hardware terms, than perhaps for the wrong marketing strategies and a price that certainly did not help.
MadeByGoogle The team has recently lost some important personalities, during a hectic to say the least. We think in fact the absorption of HTC's mobile division, or even the integration of Google Nest.
Pichai emphasizes how Google intends to stay in the hardware market and Android smartphones. He wants to do it by covering two main groups, namely the media and the so-called enthusiast users. The top of the range will be responsible for setting the standards for the future and promote the development of new technologies. The midrange will instead be required to reach the most consumers and allow the brand to gain popularity. At
confirmed information from Google are added to the rumors of the last hours of popular XDA Developers. To hear the rumors, the content with a mid-range (76x series of Qualcomm Google Pixel 2020 will not mount top of the line processor, Snapdragon). This means that the most interesting technical features could include other elements of the smartphone, perhaps the display or camera.
The high refresh rate displays in fact seem to be the trend of the moment, bringing significant improvements in user experience, especially for gamers. The cameras have been rather one of the most popular Google Pixel excellence since its first iteration, and is therefore not impossible that the Mountain View giant wants to keep pushing in this direction.
Of course we must remember that it is appropriate to take the rumors with a little 'skepticism, and that today would be wise not to rule anything out. For now, the only thing certain is that Google continues to believe in its hardware, although it is rumored that the fourth pixel has been further postponed to 13 July. Good but not great, as they say.