The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio has not brought luck to Apple, showing agreement with...
2020-06-03 09:33:10
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Apple loses appeal to the TAR 10 million fine for planned obsolescence

The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio inguaia Cupertino

The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio has not brought luck to Apple, showing agreement with the antitrust sanctions and then by denying requests for cancellation of the fine by the Cupertino giant. The Tim Cook company will have to pay 10 million euro for planned obsolescence, which for the first time in Italy is identified as unfair and aggressive commercial practices towards consumers.
The problems had begun to Apple in 2014, when reports of Altroconsumo had given way to a process. Fact of the matter was the iOS operating system update in Apple smartphone iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. In step 10 between iOS and version 10.1.2, consumers had noticed a significant drop in performance despite the same Apple to recommend to perform the update is to improve security and to improve performance. Actually updating wanted to increase battery longevity by reducing your smartphone's performance, returning worst user experience and leading in many cases to the sudden shutdown.
The Administrative Court states that, advising users to upgrade the OS, Apple would have also prompted them to buy a newer smartphone, precisely because of the deterioration in performance. At the same time, Apple does not allow consumers to return to the previous version of the operating system, which would have enabled it to maintain acceptable performance. Reduce the performance of a smartphone to curb the problem of the natural decay of a lithium battery is certainly not the ideal solution.
Ivo Tarantino, representative of Altroconsumo, commented on the decision of the TAR of Lazio:
"This ruling sets a precedent of great importance in the history of the fight against premature obsolescence of technology products . Apple needs to finally take its responsibilities towards all those customers who have been deceived for too long and they deserve to be compensated. Altroconsumo We are pleased to have contributed in part to fight this unfair practice that not only harms consumers, but also has a highly detrimental impact on the environment. We believe that now consumers should be adequately compensated. "