A short time ago the same Sundar Pichai had confirmed the commitment of Google in the smartphone...
2020-06-11 09:47:21
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Google Pixel than 7 million, better than OnePlus

In spite of the


A short time ago the same Sundar Pichai had confirmed the commitment of Google in the smartphone industry with its Pixel series. Despite the commercial success does not compare to that of the Apple iPhone, Google wants to insist on its series of Android smartphones also to improve the perception of the brand, and to mark the way forward in the eyes of the other hardware manufacturers.
The research institute IDC recently announced that sales Pixels are not in such a disastrous end. In the course of 2019 were in fact sold 7.2 million units, a result an increase of 52% over the previous year. The success of the terminals was concentrated in some specific markets, namely the United States, Western Europe and Japan. They are numbers that do not compete with those of the majors Android, in this case Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, but the values ​​are still interesting. It is fair to note in this regard as Google has passed OnePlus in the number of handsets sold in 2019. Not that OnePlus is exactly a giant, but as we all know its smartphones are much appreciated both by consumers and by insiders.
The pixel line does not represent Google for one of the main sources of income. Google does not need to reach the earnings of other companies, and may at the moment be content to increase its user base, while pushing the software.
will be interesting to see how the situation will evolve, in particular with regard to marketing strategies and market positioning. Having started with Nexus - economic and fitted with high performance - Google has opted for a top of the range, as if seeking a direct competition with Apple.
For all we know, the next July 13 we should attend the presentation of Google Pixel 4a, midrange Android smartphone that probably will disturb iPhone SE. The rather high-end will be used to satisfy the most demanding consumers, while pushing the innovation factor.