After the announcements for the Chinese market, Xiaomi will appeal to Western audiences...
2020-06-15 12:15:33
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Xiaomi Mi Band July 5 in the international version

New and improved in all

After the announcements for the Chinese market, Xiaomi will appeal to Western audiences confirming the arrival of the new 5 Band I for the month of July. The new fitness band will keep unchanged the two key elements of the series, which is the low price and long battery life. There are no clear information rather about the rumors in recent weeks, that I would support Band 5, in our territories, is the voice assistant Alexa NFC connectivity. They await clarification from Xiaomi. It
Band 5 enhances the good things done by the illustrious predecessor. The display is now larger than 20% and up to 1.2 inches in diagonal. Continue to use an OLED technology, which ensures total shutdown of the pixels in black areas of the screen.
Among the novelties there are also a more advanced tracking system which should ensure a greater precision, and a magnetic coupling for the loader, so as to enhance stability.
Xiaomi has decided to upgrade the processor, which with greater computing power will increase the amount and accuracy of the data reported. Improvements also for sleep control, which now will provide an account of our REM phases. There is also room for a physical key that will control the new barometer. Alternatively, the button can be used to shoot photos remotely by telephone, provided that this is compatible.
Xiaomi has been awarded the rights to propose a hundred Watchface taken from some famous cartoon franchise, Western and Japanese. There are also such as Spongebob, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Detective Conan. There will also be additional straps, colored in accordance with Watchface. Some of them will have a double staining.
The price of Mi Band 5 seems in line with that of the previous model. Doing a quick calculation is about 23 euro for the base model about 28 for the one equipped with NFC chip. Still no official information about the prices for our markets, but we imagine that not too distanzieranno from those of the past generation.