The Pokémon continue to explore the possibilities offered by the mobile systems and prepare to...
2020-06-25 10:16:57
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Unciato Pokémon Unite, nuovo MOBA per Android, iOS e Sw

Preparate i power bank

The Pokémon continue to explore the possibilities offered by the mobile systems and prepare to go on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch to the new United Pokémon. The game was recently announced during the event Pokémon Presents, surprising a bit 'all. The new game will in fact be a MOBA, along the lines of the famous League of Legends and DOTA.
We are therefore talking about a competitive multiplayer game where two teams of 5 players will compete using different Pokémon. So we will choose a character, which will be brought into the arena, starting every game from level 1. Killing wild Pokémon that appear in the setting we'll get experience points and level up. Experience points will also allow us to evolve the Pokemon and learn new moves and abilities. We will have to choose whether to enhance our pokémon in close combat or in the distance. Each creature can then be played in several different ways, adapting to the player's preferences and needs of the game.
United Pokémon course will require some collaboration between players in order to prevail on the opposing team, with coordinated attacks and precise. To reverse the tide of the battle we can use the special UN calls precisely moves, which can, for example, to inflict substantial damage to the area. Each Pokémon has a unique UN move, which will add depth to the match strategy.
Developers have released a video presentation, which also show a real game involving 10 players. This will be the first foray of the franchise in a real-time strategy genre.
United Pokémon will support cross-play between different operating systems, including Switch. For now The Pokémon Company did not disclose a release date, or when it will start the rollout phase in different markets. It is, however, speaks of the economic system "free to start", then we take for certain the presence of micro transactions. And 'likely that it will not be just cosmetic, and more content will not be accessible to those who do not want to pay. It also excludes the presence of additional seasons pay offers.