The Japanese Nikkei authoritative magazine has published a new report, that Apple will fail to...
2020-07-02 10:27:35
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iPhone 12 late because of the coronavirus, supports Nikkei

They'll make it for Christmas?

The Japanese Nikkei authoritative magazine has published a new report, that Apple will fail to adhere to its timetable for the launch of the iPhone 12. rumors that the Cupertino giant There are already many have encountered difficulties in production, largely due to the coronavirus. For the moment, no official confirmation from Apple but investors have already lowered their sales of the new iPhone during 2020. The claims in this case DigiTimes, with new estimates of 15-20 million units shipped by the end of year, against an initial forecast that wanted between 30 and 40 million pieces. It is possible that the decline is due precisely to production difficulties, which will automatically lead to a reduced availability.
According to Nikkei, Apple's delay would be between 4 and 8 weeks, that would be bringing the company to review plans for the launch of the iPhone 12. Return the output would indeed have more pieces, dabbing at least in part the deficiencies of the factories and minimizing consumer frustration forced to wait. One of the sources of Nikkei claims that some of the final stages of assembly was carried over at the beginning of October, and that many of Apple's plans are still being finalized. Obviously it will be important to maximize the Christmas box, which still does not seem to be at risk. Nikkei explicit fact that a referral iPhone 12-2021 was at the time quite unlikely.
For all we know, the iPhone line 12 should be four different terminals. The most compact 12 will be precisely iPhone, with a 5.4-inch panel and small frames. iPhone and iPhone 12 12 Max Pro will both have one 6.1-inch screen, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will go up to 6.7 inches diagonally. Prices should start from 649 dollars for the basic version of the iPhone 12 with 128GB of storage space. The most expensive model will instead iPhone 12 Pro Max, that the 512GB version should cost $ 1,399.